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What's it Worth America?

Bruce Kessler, Appraiser of Personal Property with 36 years of experience.

Bruce specializes in

* Estate Appraisals

* Divorce Appraisals

* Partnership disolving Appraisals

* Insurance Appraisals

* Bankruptcy Appraisals

*Collection Appraisals

* Vehicle Appraisals

*RV Appraisals

*Boat Appraisals

* Motorcycle Appraisals

*Forensic Appraisals

Dave Kessler, with 58 years of experience, specializes in Estate and Bankruptcy Real Estate opinions of current fair market value.

The Kessler Team of Appraisers have been approved and accepted by Probate Courts, County Courts, State Courts and Federal Courts.

You get the benefit of our proprietary research base of values for more than 1,000,000 items.

You get a FREE walkthrough (local area) in which we'll determine the scope of the appraisal needed and give you a quote on the reasonable fee for this unique full service.

Call Bruce Kessler 937-437-1781 or Dave 765-965-1492 email dave@kesslerauctions.com

Bruce and Dave are both honored to be members of the Appraisal Consortium Interntional (ACI). This ACI designation is only available to members who have more than twenty five years experience appraising.



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